On This Day

On This Day

In Year 1876, 11 April in New York City American inventor John C. Zachos filed a patent for stenotype. Stenotype is a machine that was used for typewriting by stenographers.

In Year 1986, 11 April Dodge Morgan fished his solo sail around the world. He departed from Ordnance Island, in St. George'sBermuda and returned there after 150 days of sailing.

In Year 1970, 11 April was launched Apollo 13, the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program. The mission was aborted two days later, after oxygen tank exploded, but all astronauts returned safely.

In Year 1976, 11 April was created Apple I, which is a desktop computer, designed and hand – built by Steve Wozniak. Later the Apple I was released for sale and production stopped when Apple II was released.

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