On This Day

On This Day

In year 1934, 12 April in Mount WashingtonNew Hampshire was measured the strongest gust of wind at the time. The recorded wind speed was 372 km at 1917 m above sea level, it was measured using a heated anemometer. Today this is the second highest surface wind speed.

In year 1961, 12 April Soviet, Russian pilot Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, became the first man to orbit the Earth. He became international celebrity and won many rewards and medal, sadly he died in 1968 when the training jet MIG – 15 he was piloting crashed.

In Year 1981, 12 April was the first test launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia, or STS – 1 mission. Columbia was years in service and completed 27 missions, before it disintegrated during re – entry at the end of 28 mission.

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