Creative Bites Graphics are a brand that exists over ten years in the world of graphic design and digital art. Our studio is specialized in graphic design or corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging and signage. Our mission is to take your ideas for a particular purpose or need and combine them with our creativeness and experience, as we get a final product through the digital canvas and create a beautiful work of art for you needs. Our vision is to promote digital art through our work in the respectable fields that we master, and show our clients and every common observer, that in the modern age of technology art doesn’t have to be old fashioned. Creative Bites Graphics promoting digital art because is the newest and purest work of art. Check our portfolio to see our work and customer testimonials.


Feel free to contact us, and ask any questions about our products and services that need your requirements. Please give us feedback on our finished products; we value your opinion so we can make better and more creative projects.


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Johanna Hanning

I'm very happy with the work that Elena layed down on my log. I am extremely satisfied with the results and the finished logo. She was always very pleasant and accommodating. I really had an positive experience and now a really nice logo. Highly recommended!

Crave Studios

I loved working with Elena, she had original ideas and was happy to make as many changes as I needed before choosing her design. Handover was brilliant, she supplied all the files I needed, and then some! She educated me on how to make any changes I wanted and went above and beyond with offering help and a skype session if I needed any further assistance. Very Professional, very fast and lovely to work with. I HIGHLY recommend her and would absolutely use her services in a 1 to 1 project in future, if I have any design needs.

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